Don’t fall victim to sun damage

If you’re lucky enough to be flying off to warmer shores this summer, it’s a dead cert that you won’t want to step off the plane home suspiciously resembling a lobster!

When you’re on holiday, it’s all too easy to get carried away with the sunbathing and neglect to use an adequate SPF- especially when the end of your break is nigh and you don’t feel as though your tan is up to scratch.

No tan is worth risking potentially permanent skin damage for though, which is why you need to pop sufficient sun protection in your suitcase- and use it.

Sun protection should be applied before you even put one foot out of your hotel door, and if you’re planning on spending much of the day outside, it’s always a good idea to put it in your beach bag so you can reapply it when necessary.

Even if you’re not planning on spending your entire break sunbathing, you can still fall victim to sunburn when you’re out and about on sightseeing trips, which makes an adequate SPF essential whatever you plan on doing.

The Dermalogica Solar Defence System consists of a fantastic range of sun protection products, some of which stay put even after a dip in the pool- so there really is no excuse for arriving home looking red-faced!

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