The key to achieving matte skin

Shiny skin can affect just about anyone, not just those who fall into the oily skin category. It’s safe to say that nobody wants excess shine on the skin, particularly those who wear make-up.

Many factors besides skin type can contribute to the shiny look, including the skin care and make-up products that you use. However, the fab news is that it’s easy to combat shine and achieve matte looking skin all day long.

Even if you have oily skin, it’s still important to moisturise, and a moisturiser that’s suited to your skin should leave it feeling supple rather than slippery. Dermalogica have an unbeatable range of moisturisers that are specially tailored to a range of skin types, so you should be able to find one that’s just right.

In addition to using a suitable moisturiser, it’s also important make sure that any makeup that you use isn’t excessively oily if you’re already prone to shiny skin. Opting for a mineral powder is a great idea, as unlike powders of the past, they won’t look caked on after touch-ups. Skin blotting sheets are also a useful weapon in the fight against shine.

However, if you do suffer from excessively oily skin, try investing in Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion to really wage war against the problem and achieve a long lasting matte look.

Keep shine at bay and look fresh throughout the day.

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