The art to achieving luscious lips

Recent research has suggested that those with fuller looking lips look younger than those with lips that are on the thinner side.

According to research, lips are generally at their fullest during early adult years, before starting to get thin out during the 30s and 40s.

There are many ways of getting plumper looking lips, and a good lipstick or lip gloss is one of your main weapons in achieving this.

The lip colour that you choose can have major effect not only just on your overall look, but also on the fullness of your lips. Lighter lip colours are renowned for helping to make lips look fuller, whereas darker shades can make them look smaller.

However, before you apply any lip products, it’s vital that your lips are in the best condition possible. If you have dry or flaky lips, applying make-up to them could make them look horrendous, so it’s important that you prepare them beforehand.

Use a dry toothbrush to gently get rid of any flaky skin, then arm yourself with a conditioning lip salve. Dermalogica Lip Renewal Complex is a fantastic product that conditions lips- helping to smooth them out in preparation for applying lip products.

Get your lips in tip top condition and turn back the years.

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