Getting the most from your dry skin products

Dry skin is a common skin complaint, which can affect people of all ages and all lifestyles. Dry skin is generally characterised by rough looking skin that is prone to itching and flaking.

Not only can dry skin be unsightly, it can also be extremely irritating. This is why it is of extreme importance that you invest in the right products in order to treat and control the condition effectively.

To keep skin as smooth and hydrated as possible, those with dry skin need to opt for products that have intense moisturising properties.
When applying skin care products for dry skin, it is important that you take the time to rub it in properly. This is essential as dry skin products tend to be quite rich and may take slightly longer to absorb.

To combat dry skin on the body, generously apply moisturiser straight after a bath or shower, as this will help to lock the product in, for the ultimate in hydration.

When applying a moisturiser for dry skin on the face, make sure that you don’t apply too much product, as this could lead to pores getting clogged. Facial moisturisers for dry skin are specially formulated to give intense moisture without the need to apply too much and make the skin overly greasy.

Dermalogica have a great range of products that can tackle dry skin and give it a nourished new outlook.

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