Buff those blemishes away

For many people, a bath or shower consists of the use of a body wash and a quick application of moisturiser afterwards. However, in order to keep skin looking in tip top condition it’s also important to exfoliate skin regularly.

Many people exfoliate the skin on their face religiously, although neglect body exfoliation completely. Perhaps one of the main reasons for this is the fact that, for much of the year, the body is kept well under wraps- hidden beneath layers of thick clothing. However, it now looks as though the weather is starting to change for the better, and spring is making its mark. The appearance of warmer, sunnier weather also calls for the appearance of more skin though- and this can strike feelings of fear in even the bravest of people!

It needn’t be that way though, as regularly buffing skin will ensure that it is well on its way to being skirt worthy all year round- so you won’t have nightmares about having to bear your blemishes!

Dermalogica’s Ultimate Buffing Cloth is perfect for buffing beginners, and gently gets rid of dull, dead skin that is a prime suspect in the appearance of blemishes- which are a big no-no when you want to bare your legs in the latest mini skirt!

Use in conjunction with Dermalogica Conditioning Body Wash for soft, smooth skin that you will be aching to show off!

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