Masque your skin!

In addition to cleansing, toning and moisturising, it’s also important to invest in a face masque as part of your skin care regime.

There’s no doubt that using an effective cleanser can help to rid your skin of daily dirt and impurities, although regularly using a masque will help to give skin an even deeper clean.

There are now a variety of different masques on the market today, which is a far cry from the days when home made masques made from oats and honey were the norm!

Dermalogica have a fantastic range of masques that have been specially formulated to suit different skin types and tackle different problems. So, whether your skin is extra oily, in need of some serious hydration or is suffering from a breakout- there’s a Dermalogica Masque to suit your needs.

Not only are face masques highly beneficial for the skin, they are also a great way of enjoying a little time to yourself and relaxing. Run yourself a hot bubble bath, then lie back and relax whilst the masque gets to work.

Wash off that masque and reveal healthier, hydrated skin that you certainly won’t want to hide!

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