Achieving the perfect makeup base

There’s little point in starting to apply your make-up if you haven’t first prepared the perfect base. Many women apply their make-up for the day and then wonder why it’s started to disappear by lunchtime, and the main reason for this is an inadequate base. You could buy the most expensive make-up products in the world, but there is very little chance that it will stay put if you apply it to skin that hasn’t been properly primed.

It goes without saying that cleansing, toning and moisturising are absolutely imperative, and puts you well on the right track for achieving a suitable base. However, using the wrong type of moisturiser could cause you problems- particularly if it is very rich.

In order to give your make-up a fighting chance, you need to apply a light moisturiser, such as Dermalogica Active Moist. This fantastic lotion is ideal for everyday use, and is suitable for both normal and oily skin types. Dermalogica Active Moist is very lightweight and absorbs speedily- which means that skin is left moisturised, shine is kept at bay and make-up is left looking fresh throughout the day.

There you have it- the perfect base for your favourite Dermalogica foundation!

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