Where have our prices gone?

Due to a recent change in our Terms and Conditions with Dermalogica UK Limited we are no longer able to display the price we sell our Dermalogica Products at next to the product itself.

You will see a new button called Add to basket for Price next to each priced product – but not the Dermalogica Samples. If you want to see how much we charge for each of the products simply add it to your basket by pressing the button as usual. You can remove it from the basket at any time by pressing the Remove from Basket button or by setting the Quantity to ZERO and then pressing the Update Basket button.

We would like to apologies to all of our customers for any inconvenience caused.


  1. Catherine Popovic

    Whilst I have been shopping with you for several years and trust that your prices are competitive, it was always reassuring to see the price comparison which we now no longer can appreciate.

  2. Pure Beauty Support Team

    Catherine we are in complete agreement. We have received a suggestion today to show the comparison in the basket which we think is a good idea and which we will implement as soon as we can. You must understand that this has been enforced on us by Dermalogica and there is nothing we can do. Our only other choices are to sell at RRP, then we would be allowed to display the price, or simply stop selling. Nothing has changed for us. Our prices have not changed, our service has not changed and our commitment to our customers is still our top priority.

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