Quench your skin’s thirst this winter

Barrier RepairOver the past couple of months, unless you’ve had the luxury of flying off to sunnier climes, you are likely to have felt the wrath of the bitterly cold conditions.

As snow and ice coated the country, it wasn’t just our balance that we needed to worry about, as plunging temperatures played absolute havoc with our skin.

Sub zero temperatures and harsh winds are prime culprits in making our skin look a little worse for wear, although the good news is that it’s easy to perk your skin up and get it looking back to its best, just by giving it a little TLC.

Your main weapon in the fight against the elements is a good quality moisturiser. Although a light moisturiser may be suitable during the summer months, in the winter your skin has completely different needs.

Skin care specialists Dermalogica have some of the most effective intensive moisturisers on the market, and their Barrier Repair moisturiser is the perfect solution for skin that has been ravaged by the ongoing cold snap.

Dermalogica Barrier Repair moisturiser creates a shield between the skin and the elements, in addition to repairing any existing damage, by intensely rehydrating the skin.

So, give your poor skin the attention that it deserves and breathe life back into your pores- just in time for spring.

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