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dermalogica_logo_vertMore and more men are starting to realise that looking after their skin with a good skincare regime is very important and not just for ladies. Looking after their skin health and tackling skincare problems is becoming a larger part of their life and in searching for the answers we are often asked ‘Is Dermalogica suitable for men?’ or ‘Which Dermalogica products are suitable for men?’. The answer is very simple: all of them.

The only consideration when choosing skincare is maintaining skin health and trying to deal with any skin problems that you currently have. It’s the same for men as it is for ladies, the only difference being is that women intrinsically know this and men do not. All of Dermalogica’s products are as suitable for men as they are for women.

Basic Skincare Regime

It is very  important that certain types of products are used in any skincare regime. These are a Cleanser and a Moisturiser. They should be used twice daily – morning and evening – with the moisturiser following the cleanser. If possible a Toner and Exfoliant would be beneficial too. A good place to start for most men (probably with normal/normal-oily skin) would be:

CleanserDermalogica Special Cleansing GelDaily – morning and evening
ExfoliantDermalogica Skin Prep ScrubWeekly – 2 to 3 times
TonerDermalogica Multi-Active TonerDaily – morning and evening
MoisturiserDermalogica Active MoistDaily – morning and evening

Skincare regimes should be tailored to your skin’s needs and we are very happy to advise you on the products that would be suitable for you. If you would like us to do so then please email us on detailing the following:

  • Your Skin Type: Normal/Normal-Oily/Oily/Dry/Normal-Dry/Sensitive
  • Any skincare problems you have
  • Any relevant medication
  • Your age


  1. Jinny jones

    My partner has very sensitive skin, after shaving his skin is very sore and looks angry, we’ve tried most of the sensitive products but still no joy

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