Skin Care Problems: Milia

Milia are small white spots normally found on the face, more commonly around the eye area and on the upper cheeks. Milia are caused by a build up of sebum, and dead skin cells in the follicle of the skin. Milia can be caused through the use of products which contain mineral oil and lanolin. When used continuously over a period of time, these ingredients will start to build up on the skin’s surface and prevent the skin’s natural ability to exfoliate effectively. Milia which appear around the eye area may be caused if your moisturising product is being used around the eyes which will be far to heavy and rich for that delicate area of skin. We always advise a separate eye care product and to avoid facial moisturiser around the eyes. Skin which has had a lot of sun exposure, or regular use of a sun bed, will be more prone to Milia as the skin becomes thickened and therefore unable to function properly.

Dermalogica products are great to use as they do not contain lanolin or mineral oil. To treat Milia it is important to exfoliate regularly. Your skin type will dictate which is the most beneficial exfoliant for you to use. You can also go to a trained Beauty Therapist to have Milia removed with a sterile needle followed by extraction, or certain professional treatments such as microdermabrasion are also very effective.

Dermalogica Products to help with Milia
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