Pure Beauty Product Reviews

Pure Beauty Product Reviews

Why write a Product Review?

It is very important to our current and future customers that our products have honest and genuine reviews by people who have actually used them. Genuine Product Reviews are really important, and whilst they are not critically important to decision making, it can help someone arrive at a firm conclusion as whether to purchase a product or not.

Genuine Product Reviews

As we all know, whether it is reviews of skincare products, holidays or car insurance, they are only as good and reliable as the people who are writing the reviews. We have all heard stories of fake reviews, or reviews written by those with a vested interest in giving a good or bad review. At Pure Beauty we have always allowed our customers to write Product Reviews on our website – the difference is that not only do we moderate each review before publishing it, but we also check that the customer who wrote the review has actually purchased that product from us! We are therefore 100% sure that the review is genuine. It’s as simple as that.

Every Product Review of the products we sell at Pure Beauty are written by customers who have purchased the product from us.

Writing a Product Review on Pure Beauty

Writing a product review on Pure Beauty is really very simple:

  1. Login to your account with us. You can only write a Product Review if you are logged in to your account with us. *
  2. Find the Product you have purchased from us that you would like to write a review for. The Search box at the top of our website is the easiest way to find the product you are looking for. Alternatively if you go to My Favourites link under My Account you will be able to see everything you have ever ordered from us.
  3. Once you are on the correct Product Page scroll down to the middle of the page and if you have purchased the product from us you will see the Write Review button.
  4. Click on this button, select the number of Stars you would like to give the product from 1-5 and then write your review of 250 characters or fewer.
  5. Click the Submit Review and we will be notified. We will then read and moderate the Product Review and publish it soon after.

That’s all there is to it. As soon as we have moderated your Product Review you will receive an email to notify you that it has been processed.

*Please note: If you purchased products from us as a Guest and want to write a Product Review simply email us at shop@pure-beauty.co.uk and ask that we upgrade your account to a normal shopping account. We will send you a password reset email once this has been done and you will then be able to change your password and login.

Monthly Prize Draw for a £50.00 Pure Beauty Gift Voucher

We know how busy everyone is nowadays and we know how inconvenient it can be to spend time writing product reviews so we thought it would be nice if we offered a Monthly Prize Draw for customers who take the time to write a Product Review for us.

The following Terms and Conditions will apply in order to qualify for the Monthly Prize Draw:

  • Only product reviews that are written within the Calendar Month that each Prize Draw will occur will be eligible to be entered in that month’s Prize Draw.
  • Product Reviews can only be written by registered customers who have purchased the product they are reviewing from our site www.pure-beauty.co.uk.
  • Only Product Reviews that are published will qualify to be entered in the Monthly Prize Draw. Those that have been deleted due to contravening our Moderation Rules will not be eligible to be entered into the Monthly Prize Draw.
  • The product being reviewed can have been purchased at any point in the past and does not need to have been purchased in the Calendar Month that each Prize Draw will occur.
  • Registered Customers can write 1 Product Review only for each product they have purchased from us.
  • Product Reviews can only be written for Retail Products and cannot be written for Samples, Trial Sized Products, Free Gifts or any other item which is given away freely on our site www.pure-beauty.co.uk.
  • We will select the Winner of the Monthly Prize Draw at random and the winner’s name will be published on our blog (blog.pure-beauty.co.uk)  and will be announced on our Social Media channels.

Monthly Prize Draw Winners

Click here for the list of Monthly Prize Draw Winners.