Zero Waste Club Brand Focus

Feeling frustrated and let-down by the extent of the damage we have done to our environment, two friends – Rishi and Pawan – went in search of answers. While the markets are changing slowly, they noticed that many products that are eco-friendly are given a luxury label. They also found that many products sold under the “eco” label tend to stretch the definition of sustainability. Thus, they decided to start their own journey to produce truly sustainable, beautifully designed, ethical and vegan essentials at affordable prices.

They want to do more than just make beautiful eco-friendly products. So their goal is to make their company, Zero Waste Club, one of the most transparent, ethical, sustainable goods companies on earth. One amazing thing is that they open up their whole supply chain fully for everyone to see. To show that there is a nicer way to do business. “Hopefully this will inspire other businesses to do the same”, they say on their website.

Of course, all their products are vegan, cruelty-free and ethically made and sourced. As well as that, they plant a tree for every single item they sell. So far, they have offset 307,828 kgs of CO2 per year. These tree produce enough oxygen to support 930 human beings every year.

They have also predicted that their company has offset over 100,000 pieces of single use plastics from entering the environment thanks to the introduction of their reusable products.

The long term goal of the company is to become a major seller in every country around the world. To make this dream come true, 100% of their profits go straight back into the company, so they can continue to grow and expand, and bring their amazing goods to everyone around the world.

I personally quite often think about my own carbon footprint, and the amount of waste one person can create. So, just over a year ago, I started to make some small changes in my life to make it more green. For example, I began using the Zero Waste Organic Cotton Pads (includes a wash bag). I love using these to remove my make-up and apply my toner. Once I have used each pad once, I pop it into the little wash bag that I keep in my “beauty box” next to my dressing table. Once it’s nearly full, simply pull the strings closed and throw it in the washing machine. The little bag helps them to not fly into the nooks and crannies of my washing machine. Afterwards, tumble on a low heat or allow to air dry. Once they have reached the end of their life, they are biodegradable, so can be put into a compost bin. I think this is such a little thing, but if everyone did it, it would make a huge difference for the environment.

Their Soap Pouch is another thing I love using, I’m on my second already. This pouch helps increase the life of your soap, while also acting as a soft exfoliator to get rid of any build up dead skin and dirt. Once again, it is biodegradable, so they suggest cutting it up a little, then put in the ground or the compost bin when you’re finished with it.

Overall, this company is doing amazing things for our planet, and if you want to help out, then I would very much suggest looking into their wonderful products.

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