The Benefits of Using a Serum

We all know that a good and consistent skincare routine is key to having great skin. However, there are so many products, ranges and brands out there, it can be difficult to know what to use, especially when you’re starting a routine, or wanting to add something new into it. Serums are a great step to add into your skincare routine, as it can really change the overall result you get.

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Serums are designed to be that step after your cleansing, exfoliating and toning, but before your moisturiser and SPF. Serums are a potent concentrate of active ingredients that target specific skincare concerns such as dark spots, anti-ageing, acne, clogged pores, redness, and uneven skin tone. It penetrates deeply into the skin, which makes it much more powerful and effective than other skincare products.

I normally suggest to my clients to “bookend” their routines. Have a good cleanser and moisturiser, but they don’t have to be overly expensive. Where I do suggest spending your money, is on your serums. Some people only have one they use day and night, which might work for them. Personally, I have five. Two are for the morning, and three for the evening. They each do slightly different things. For example, I have one for if my skin is feeling more dry and sensitive, another for if it feels congested, and I’m having a break-out, and another to brighten. I like having the choice, personally. My most expensive serum is £50, so you don’t need to spend silly money, but perhaps a little more than on a cleanser.

You might find that the price of these serums are generally a little higher anyway. This is due to the fact they are packed full of clean, pure, targeted ingredients to help combat the issue you’re wanting to tackle. Be that ageing, congestion or dehydration. Because of their “speciality” a lot more time, money and research has gone into these also.

As with any product, I would suggest reading the leaflet that comes with it. For example, the MediK8 Retinol 3TR Intense is a Vitamin A serum. Vitamin A is amazing for almost everyone. It smoothes and evens out fine lines and Hyperpigmentation, it brightens, and helps to fight blackheads and breakouts as it can help with inflammation. Due to its resurfacing properties, wearing SPF is highly suggested. This might be something that some people do not like to wear, or cannot because of allergies. Also, it is not suggested for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Another great serum is the Dermalogica Biolumin-C Serum. This is a high performance Vitamin C serum that helps to not only brighten your skin, but to firm it up as well. It can help reduce the appearance of fine lines, and lighten pigmentation. Similar to the Vitamin A, as this is a brightening product, SPF use is also highly suggested.

For hydration, the Elemis Peptide 4 Antioxidant Hydra-Serum is a boost of anti-oxidants and hydration, while enhancing the skin’s own natural defence against the dulling effects of everyday pollutants, leaving the complexion looking replenished and refreshed. Great for anyone who may work in the city, polluted areas, or has a busy lifestyle.

Overall, introducing a Serum into your skincare routine would be overwhelmingly beneficial. There is certainly one out there for everyone, and every skincare need.

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