Sleep Solutions

Sleep Solutions

Every single one of us has experienced at least one sleepless night in our lifetime. When you lay there, thoughts rushing through your head constantly, checking the time every half an hour or so. It can be beyond frustrating, and it always happens when you have work the next day!

Sleep is so important, it allows our brains to function properly, and for our bodies to move well and heal. A lack of sleep can impact on concentration, learning, memory, mood and your emotions. I know I can get very cranky when I haven’t had enough sleep, or good quality sleep. So, how can you help yourself fall asleep much easier?

Yoga, Pilates and meditation are brilliant for relaxing down to help you sleep. Any form of exercise is great, as it tires out your body and mind, but gentle practices that also ease the mind are the best. Yoga allows you to stretch those aching muscles, and reflect on your day calmly, meaning when you lie in bed, there is nothing left to think or worry about. If that is too slow paced for you, then Pilates is a slightly more intensive alternative.

Another tactic to try and practice is not to look at your clock if you are restless, or waking up in the night. Constantly checking and worrying about the time can cause anxiety and restlessness, further fulling your brain and emotions, not allowing you to relax down to sleep.

Using products specifically designed to help you sleep can also work wonders. For example, I have used the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray for years now. I always ask for it at Christmas, and top myself up in-between. This product is Vegan and Cruelty Free, formulated with Lavender and Camomile Oil, you simply spray one of two pumps of this onto your pillow or pyjamas. Let it dry a little (only a few seconds) before your head hits the pillow. You can inhale the relaxing scents as you drift to sleep.

Another great product from This Works is the Deep Sleep Breathe In Roller Ball, another product I also use, and even let my boyfriend borrow…sometimes. You just roll a little of this onto your pressure points, such as your temples and wrists, inhale the scent and allow it to relax you. However, this product doesn’t need to be limited to bedtime, it can be popped in your bag and used anytime and anywhere. I know of people who love to use it when in stressful situations, or having a difficult time mentally, just to calm themselves down. It’s a great all-around product. This Works has many great products for their sleep collection, I would highly advise anyone to look more into it, as their products also come in candles, balms, oils, and they even have something to help your little ones sleep. They also have a lot of excellent choices for skincare as well, just click here to have a browse.

Listening to relaxing music or white noise can also be great for a restless sleeper. Personally, I always fall asleep in front of the TV, and I know this is because of the noise it creates in the background. So whenever I am having a hard time sleeping, I just pop open my phone and use a white noise app to help me sleep.

A big help for me is also reading. I think a lot of us are prone to just picking up our phone and scrolling until we feel sleepy. However, the light and stimulation from our phones keeps our brains awake. Instead, reading from a traditional paper book always helps me, and I feel like it’s a little time to myself before bed also.

So, if sleep is something you’re struggling with, then try out one or two of these tips, and maybe even a product or two to see if they can help you sleep any easier tonight.

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