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Decleor was founded in 1974 and since then has been used all over the world in many spas and salons as their top luxury brand. Their premium essential oils are active and well concentrated so that each product is of the highest quality, as each drop of essential oil contains at least 150 active molecules. Their top team of Aromatherapists, Aromachologists and Dermatologists expertly blend all of their products for consumer use, so that your skincare has that professional edge.

Decleor Aromessence Green Mandarin Essential Oil Glow Serum

Within Decleor, there really is a range for everyone. For example, their most famous and well-loved line is Neroli Bigarade. This line is suitable for practically everyone, as it is aimed at dry and dehydrated skin, and if someone does not have a dry skin type, then dehydration can be found on the somewhere on the face. The fresh smell and lightweight feel makes it great for that slightly younger skin too, perhaps someone who wants to start using Essential Oil based products. My personal favourite from that line is the Cocoon Day Cream, as it perfectly locks in all the good moisture.

For the dull and tired skin (as well as the first signs of ageing) there is the Green Mandarin line, my personal favourite line. It’s fresh citrus aroma wakes me up in the morning, and the 2 in 1 Scrub Mask is a brilliantly versatile product. Once you have exfoliated with it, leave it on the skin. As it is sugar based, it will warm and go slightly sticky. After 10 minutes, wash away to reveal clean, smooth and hydrated skin.

If it is anti-ageing you are looking for, then Lavender Fine and White Magnolia are the lines you need. The Lavender Fine Day Cream is for your mature skin, someone who suffers with dryness and whose skin needs radiance and firmness added back to their skin. Whereas the White Magnolia Cream Absolute also plumps and firms the skin, but is aimed towards people who want to tackle the more advanced signs of ageing.


Their Rose Damascena range is targeted towards those with sensitive skin, and skin irritation. Their Rose Aromessence is another favourite of mine. I would say I use it around twice a week, more so during the winter months when my skin is dried out and irritated by central heating. The 100% pure and natural oil serum sinks nicely into the skin, allowing you to easily layer your moisturiser on top. As someone with combination skin, I don’t find these oils too heavy at all, as long as you stick to the Decleor recommended amount, three drops.

Finally, for congested and oily skin, their new Rosemary range works brilliantly. Even though, for example, the mask is a Black Clay Mask which traditionally would be quite drying and can leave the skin feeling stripped of all natural oils, Decleor have found a way to achieve that mattified and deep cleansing effect you get from the Clay, but coupled with the power of essential oils, the skin does not feel stripped or dry after use.

Clearly there is something for everyone when it comes down to it with Decleor. So, if you are looking for a new skincare line, or even just a product or two, and want to delve into the wonderful world of essential oils and relaxation, then I would highly recommend Decleor.

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