How to Minimise Scarring

Scarring on the face or body can be from a multitude of things. Common reasons are from burns, acne scarring, chickenpox and surgical wounds. They will naturally fade and change colour over time, and some may even get smaller in their size, however, they can be very hard to treat.

Let Decleor and Elemis Heal Your Scars

Let’s talk about facial scarring to begin with. As I said, the most common form here is acne scarring. This can be treated by having treatments such as Chemical Peels, at our salon in Lichfield, we offer MediK8 and Dermalogica chemical peels. In these, we use different acids (such as Glycolic and Lactic) to treat the different layers of the skin, deeper down, to minimise the appearance of old scars, and treat texture issues. Products that can be used at home would include Elemis’ Dynamic Resurfacing range. My personal favourites are their Resurfacing Facial Wash and the Resurfacing Gel Mask. These are very gentle tri-enzyme based products that gently exfoliate the skin to reveal fresh, new skin over time. Ensuring that your skin is well looked-after, in the form of cleansing, serums and moisturising, means that you are helping to keep your skin healthy and supple.

Another thing to remember to do, anywhere on the body, is use SPF. If you have any scarring on you, and it is exposed to the sun, if it is fresh then it will burn a lot easier. It can also go darker than the rest of your skin, and have a brown-ish tint. So using a good SPF, at least 30, but ideally a 50, is the best thing to protect your scars.

As for body scars, such as surgical scars and burns, it is important to treat these with care also. Once they have fully healed, so they are closed and pink in colour, then it is safe to start applying products to them. I would not use resurfacing products on them until fully healed and faded, but moisturising creams, balms and lotions can help them to heal quicker. By keeping that skin supple and in prime condition, then healing will happen faster, and the scarring can be minimised. The Decleor CICA Botanic Balm is amazing for this. CICA helps to soothe, repair and protect the skin. Essential oils like Eucalyptus and Geranium are amazing for dry and irritated skin.

As for scarring like stretch marks, such as gained though Pregnancy, then the Decleor CICA Botanic Oil is amazing, and safe to use whilst Pregnant. It has all the benefits the same as the balm, but instead of essential oils, it has a unique blend of 9 Botanical Oils such as Soy and Sweet Almond. Of course, if you prefer an oil to a balm, you can use this product instead, as both are amazing at fading scars and stretch marks.

Overall, there are many different products you can use to aid your scars and marks on their road to recovery, but always ensure they are kept clean and safe, out of the sun, and always consult your Doctor if you have any concerns or worries.

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