Hot Wax, Warm Wax…What’s the Difference?

As treatments have advanced throughout the years, so have the tools and products us Therapist can work with. We offer, here at our Salon in Lichfield, both Hot Wax (in the form of Lycon) and Warm Wax (also in Lycon, and Hara). I am often asked what the difference is, so I am here to fully explain it.

Warm Wax is what most people are used to seeing. It is applied very thinly to the area and removed by firmly pressing on a fabric strip, then removing. It is often used on large areas of the body, such as legs and arms, as we do not need to wait for it to dry before we can remove. It can also be used on smaller areas, such as eyebrows and lip. However, as it grips directly onto the skin, for some people it can feel a little sharp when we remove. It also takes off the top layer of your skin (something which you cannot often see with the naked eye). It is only obvious really if you have fake tan on, as it will be removed in the process of the waxing. This can mean the skin is a little more red, irritated and fragile afterwards. Especially on intimate areas such as the Bikini line. However, it is quick, and effective.

Hot Wax, however, is a little different. It is heated at a slightly higher temperate, and has a completely different consistency and application method. It is used more often for Intimate Waxing, such as Hollywoods and Brazilians, but can also be used for lip and underarm too etc. It looks more like chewing gum (in my opinion) and is very thick, and we can easily manipulate it. We apply an oil to the area we are about to wax beforehand, so the wax is not sticking to your skin, just the hair. This is better for people with more sensitive skin, as we are not removing that top layer when we remove the wax. We also do not remove it with a strip. It hardens whilst on your skin, and whilst we wait for it to dry, we apply more in other areas. Then we go back to the first, and when the time is right, remove it. As with both, once we are finished, apply a soothing oil or cream to treat the area.

Lycon is especially amazing as a Hot Wax, as it melts at a much lower temperature than other Hot Waxes, and contains lovely essential oils to soothe the skin whilst we work. Due to the nature of the wax, it is not used on larger areas such as legs, as it would take too much time to wait for it to dry. It is also amazing because it can grab hairs up to 1mm short. I have found that because of Lockdowns, some of my clients have had to shave at home. When you do this, the razor cuts your hair at uneven lengths. So when we come to wax, some might not come out as easy, as they are shorter than others, and it takes a few treatments to get back into that good hair growth cycle. However, with Lycon’s ability to grab even those tiny hairs, it makes getting them all back to the same length, much easier. It also means you have to wax less, because it grabs each and every single hair every time.

I would always suggest asking your Therapist if you’re unsure on which wax to book in for, and never be embarrassed to talk about subjects such as Intimate Waxing, that is what we are trained for! Thank you for reading this blog, and happy waxing!

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