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Elemis Superfood Facial Oil

Elemis is a world renowned spa brand that has many devout customers, through years of products delivering the results they promise. Beauty Therapists love to use this brand, myself included, because of the rich, indulgent smells that fill my treatment room, and the amazing results my clients feel and see after their treatments. There are a handful of questions that I am sometimes asked by my clients and customers of our online store, so I thought I would pop them into a handy blog for everyone to read.


Is Elemis a Good Brand?

Elemis, like many brands, is cruelty free, nor do they use a third party company to test on animals. Similarly, they have their Vegan line “Superfood”, which contains many products, such as a facial oil, facial wash, exfoliator and different masks. So, very easy to create an entire skincare routine from. Through the many skincare lines they have, there is defiantly something for everyone, in every age group. If you are ever unsure, it is best to speak with a qualified Therapist, or take a look at our online site.

I also love the ethics of the brand, as they only use the first extract of each ingredient to ensure their products are as pure as can be, however, they do not waste anything. They always find other uses for their flowers, seeds, plants etc, or pass them onto other companies that can use them.

Is Elemis Good for Wrinkles?

Elemis’ Pro Collagen line is, arguably, its most popular. Hands down it is always the one I am asked the most about, and for a good reason. Their Marine Cream sells one every 9 seconds in the UK alone, and the line has expanded greatly over the years to now include a rose scented alternative to their cleansing balm and facial oil. The line uses an ingredient called Padina Pavonica, it’s hero marine algae that promotes hydration and, along with other ingredients, helps to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Think of your skin as a wall, then think of your fine lines as cracks in that wall, and the products as Polyfilla, it sits in those cracks and smooths them out, plumping them. It really is an amazing line.

What Age Group is Elemis Pro-Collagen For?

Pro Collagen is targeted for those aged between 25-45. It is brilliant as a preventative measure for those who are a little younger, but also as ladies age, it is amazing at helping to blur and minimise the look of any lines that may have made an appearance. Then, there is their Pro Collagen Definition range. There used to be a line called Pro Definition, however they found that consumers loved their Pro Collagen so much they did not want to move onto Pro Definition when they needed to. So, they created a hybrid line, with the smells and textures of Pro Collagen, but with the benefits of Pro Definition.

I hope any questions people may have about the brand have been answered, if anyone would like to know anything else, then please feel free to leave a comment or message. Thank you for reading!

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