Five Things You Should Never do to your Beauty Products

Five Things You Should Never do to your Beauty Products
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Here at Pure Beauty, we’re well aware of the fact that our customers are making a great investment when they buy our high-end products. There are ways that you should treat your beauty products which will allow you to get the most out of them and extend your investment, however there are also some things that you shouldn’t consider doing, in the name of getting the most out of your products. With this in mind we thought we take a look at five big don’t s for taking good care of your favourite lotions and potions.

Cut Them Open

While it may be tempting to cut the ends off of squeezy bottles to enable you to reach the dregs that are left inside, this is a very bad idea. All of our products are packaged to ensure maximum care is taken of what’s inside, and tampering with bottles will only expose them to oxygen, which could potentially ruin the product within. This will also allow bacteria inside, which can cause infection.

Add Things to Make Them Go Further

It might be tempting to add some sort of water or oil to products which are nearing the end of their usage if you feel that this will make them go further, however, this is not something that we would recommend. All of our products are based on a highly tried and tested formula and perfected before release, and adding things could not only ruin the formulation but have a very bad effect on your skin.

Store Them in Sunlight/Heat

Direct sunlight and excessive heat are basically the enemy of all skin products and should be avoided at all costs. All of your skin care should be stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and away from direct sources of heat to ensure that nothing messes with the formulation inside.

Use Them Beyond Their Shelf Life

While you may want to carry on using your product after the shelf life, which should be stated on the bottle, after this time the formula will have started to degrade, and although it probably won’t be directly harmful to your skin, you definitely won’t be getting the full benefits of ingredients which are beyond their best. Most products will have an illustration on the side with a number showing how many months the product should be used for after opening. Try to stick closely to this to ensure you’re getting the best for your skin.

Use Your Fingers

We know how tempting it is to shove a finger into a freshly opened pot of cream, however every time you do this you transfer not just bacteria from your skin but also the oils which are naturally produced. Even if you’ve just washed your hands, putting them into a pot of cream will, over time, allow things to build up in your creams which shouldn’t be there. Try to use plastic spatula to get your products out of the pot, even if you then use your fingers to apply them to your face.

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