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Sun cream, sweat and dirt, as well as make-up, are a part of daily life in the summer, but your skin won’t thank you for not cleaning it away at the end of the day.

At Pure Beauty Online, we sell products from some of the most well regarded companies in the business and today we are putting their cleansers in the spotlight.

Let’s start with the winning Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel. This soap-free, foaming gel has been designed to thoroughly remove impurities from the skin without disturbing the natural moisture balance which is so important. Suitable for all skin types, Quillaja Saponaria gently removes dirt and excess oils while soothing balm mint cools and calms the skin. With added loving lavender, skin is left clean, soft, smooth and is ready to be toned.

If it is luxury you are after, look no further than the Elemis Nourishing Omega Rich Cleansing Oil which is first class. Winter rose oil is super rich in omega-9 and has been blended with chia seeds which together remove make-up without damaging the skin’s natural barrier. You might not know this, but pomegranate contains high levels of vitamin C which is why this has been added to the cleanser and helps revitalise and refresh summer skin.

Want to hear something impressive? Decleor has launched a new cleanser that comes with a revolutionary formulation that could change your skin forever. The Bi-Phase Caring Cleanser and Make Up Remover is powered by a blend of virgin botanical oils and floral water which come together to cleanse and nourish skin leaving it make-up free. There are two ways to use this product, the first is to take it into the shower with you in the morning and massage into dry skin, before rinsing away with warm water. In the evening we suggest you apply to your face with cotton pads and this will lift away dirt, grease and make up and leave you with fresh, clean skin once again.

If you haven’t heard of Jan Marini, where have you been? These guys make medically validated skin care and aesthetic products and we love their Bioglycolic Facial Cleanser. It is really gentle and takes away the day to leave soft, smooth, refined skin, which can’t be a bad thing. It is soap-free, non-irritating and perfect for sensitive and post-procedure skin. Once rinsed away there is no need for a toner, so you can go straight to your moisturiser and get the best skin for you.

OK, back to Dermalogica, and this time it is their Dermal Clay Cleanser that we want to talk about. Made from super-absorbent kaolin and green clays, this cleanser really does get the job done when it comes to removing excess oil and impurities. Best suited to oily skin, cucumber and sage soothe irritation, while menthol freshens even the most tired skin, and leaves it feeling bright and alive again.

Want to know more about the best cleanser for you? Get in touch, request some samples and together we can get your skin cleansed better than ever.

Team Pure Beauty

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