5 Most Common Reasons for Split and Peeling Nails

There are many reasons for dry nails which crack and peel and although treating them will help, identifying the cause of the problem could help you to prevent them altogether. Here, we take a look at the five most common causes of split and peeling nails to help you to avoid those things in the future.

Typing and Texting

It’s a fact of modern life that most of us `spend a large portion of our day hitting a keyboard or a screen on one type of device or another. The actual act of hitting something with your nail can cause small stress fractures, which get worse over time because there’s never any respite. Try trimming or filing the edges of your nails and using the fleshy pad of your finger to type, rather than your nail.

Cleaning Products

Bleach and other harsh cleaners may be brilliant for getting your house ship-shape, but having such harsh chemicals in contact with your nails is one of the easiest ways to completely strip away the nails’ natural moisture and protection. It may seem like a stupidly simple fix, but ensuring that you wear gloves during your chores will give your nails a much-needed barrier against harmful compounds, and using a product like Dermalogica Multivitamin Hand and Nail Treatment will help to replenish lost oils.

Nail Varnish

There are SO many ways in which nail varnish negatively affects your nails – firstly, they stop your nails from breathing and they also contain chemicals which dry them out. Also, leaving nail varnish on for too long can cause your nails to harden and go yellow, whilst using a remover which contains acetone will do your nails even more damage. Leaving nails natural and treating them with oil for a few weeks will give them a chance to recover before you bedazzle them again.

Low Vitamin Levels

If your nails seem to be perpetually brittle there’s a good chance that you might be a little low in iron or essential vitamins and minerals. Adding a multivitamin or an iron supplement to your daily routine would be a really good way to help your nails from the inside and will allow them to grow back stronger than ever.

Cutting Your Cuticles

When your cuticles are looking ragged, it’s really tempting to cut them back into oblivion, but removing too much cuticle can actually be bad for your nails. The cuticle acts as a barrier for the edge of the nails, so when trimming, try to leave a little cuticle if possible as this will help to keep your nails in balance.

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