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Just about everything you do during the course of your lifetime will leave a lasting impression on your skin. Wrinkles, thinning, sagging and dryness are all part of this process and whilst some fight it, others see that the lines are signs of a happy life full of smiles and laughter.

As your skin ages, it doesn’t regenerate as quickly and the elastin and collagen that keep your skin strong and elastic, are more slowly produced. Whilst it is hard to slow down the aging process, a good diet, plenty of water and sleep along with minimum sun exposure and a good skincare routine can help.

Decleor Excellence De L’Age is a range of complete treatments designed to tackle the advanced signs of ageing and and we have had a look at what makes they so special.

Decleor Ultra-Regenerating Serum is a total anti-ageing super serum that is formulated to help mature skin defy time. This 100% pure, natural serum is free of preservatives and combines the new Sol-Collagenine Complex and most potent youth-boosting Essentials Oils to renew the skin, combat dehydration and reduce pigmentation. Applying three drops of the serum over a cleansed face and pressing in with fingertips and finishing with light sweeping strokes will leave the skin smoothed, firmed, plumped, deliciously nourished, evenly toned and protected.

To increase the performance of the serum, it is recommended you also use the Excellence De L’Age Sublime Regenerating Cream. This rich, luxurious moisturiser has been designed to combat all signs of advanced ageing and leave behind firmer, younger looking skin. The cream combines an innovative Phyto-Age Complex with a unique mix of four essential oils that instantly get to work on wrinkles, loss of firmness and pigmentation irregularities. Used on a daily basis, over time you will your skin is softer, more supple, plumper and luminous. Give it a go; we think you will be impressed.

The eye and lip areas are extremely delicate and often need a little extra TLC, especially in the winter months when temperatures drop and central heating dry out the skin. Decleor Regenerating Eye and Lip Cream is a light but nourishing daily anti-ageing treatment that contains Iris, Frankincense and Immortelle essential oils which help reduce puffiness and dark circles. Used morning and evening after cleansing and you will start to see the eye and lip areas regenerated, plumper and fresh which can only be a good thing.

With age comes experience and wisdom but it also brings with it pigmentation. Decleor Dark Spot Corrector Concentrate is an anti-ageing treatment that targets blemishes caused by ageing, the sun and stress.

Packed with plant extracts to help regulate the skin’s pigmentation process, this cream helps:

  • Correct and reduce existing pigment spots.
  • Combat the appearance of new pigment spots.
  • Preserve the skin’s transparency and even complexion.

The precise applicator allows you to directly target areas of concern and minimise wasta. Used morning and night, over time pigmentation spots are visibly reduced and the complexion is evened out so the skin looks radiant and more youthful.

Decleor Sublime Re-Densifying Night Cream gets to work when the body is resting and when the skin is free from stress and sunlight. This is the time when cells are most receptive and responsive to active ingredients allowing them to re-energise and renew.

This tailor-made moisturiser for mature skin helps firm and smooth the skin whilst replenishing it’s energy levels. Essential Oils of Iris, Frankincense, Immortelle and Camomile firm and repair ageing skin and Inca Inchi, Quinoa Oils and Magnolia Bark Extract nourish and soothe the skin. All of this happens as you sleep envolped in an aromatic fragrance lace with soothing and relaxing properties, developed to free your mind and allow you to wake refreshed.

We aren’t promising miracles, but live well, rest plenty and use Declor and we think you will see results that will make you smile and embrace your face.


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