Tackling Teenage Skin

teenage skinWhen it comes to being a teenager, I think we can all agree that things are never easy. Expectations of school and parents, combined with burgeoning hormones and peer-pressure from friends can make the whole period seem absolutely rotten. Add into the mix the issue of low self-esteem and you’ve got yourself a potential rollercoaster of emotions to deal with.

One area in which most teens suffer at one time or another is their skin, be it the odd breakout of pimples or full-blown acne, and it can be a real blow to their confidence. Here at Pure Beauty, we’ve got a number of products which can help tackle the most common teenage skin complaints and we thought we’d share them with you today.

Dermalogica Foaming Wash

Cleanliness is an important place to start with breakout-prone skin and Dermalogica Foaming Wash is specifically designed to rid teenage skin of excess sebum, the nasty stuff which causes spots. The wash contains orange peel and tea tree to help soothe and cleanse, whilst the salicylic acid clears oil and dead skin cells which can become trapped within pores, causing blackheads.

Dermalogica Daytime Treatment

Although it may seem counter-intuitive to add moisture to already oily skin, the key to healthy skin is balance and after washing, it’s important to replenish moisture so that your skin doesn’t start to overcompensate and produce too much. Dermalogica Daytime Treatment is a lightweight moisturiser which will hydrate the skin without blocking pores  and contains an antimicrobial oil to kill spot-forming bacteria.

Dermalogica Cooling Masque

For days when your skin is feeling raw and irritated, Dermalogica Cooling Masque can really help to reduce the discomfort. The masque contains anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and sebum-regulating properties, as well as a combination of herbs and other natural ingrediants. It can be used as an all-over treatment for the face (avoiding the eye area) or just on smaller areas of breakouts or irritation.

Dermalogica Overnight Treatment

It’s important to remember to look after skin at night, not just during the daytime, and Dermalogica Overnight Treatment is a soothing moisturiser which can help to kill bacteria and control breakouts while you sleep. For many teenagers, waking up to new pimples every day can start to feel soul-destroying, but this product can really help them to get a handle on their skin issues.

Dermalogica Pore Control Scrub

Exfoliating acne-prone skin is important, but tenderness is key as you don’t want to irritate skin which is already suffering. Dermalogica Pore Control Scrub is a mild exfoliator which will gently remove dead skin cells and bacteria using microbeads, and also soak up any excess oil using earth clays.

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