Combat Hyperpigmentation with Dermalogica

SS-image-2015-02-28-54f1924500decEver looked in the mirror and noticed that your skin looks patchy and darker in some areas than in others? This patchiness is known as hyperpigmentation (aka age and liver spots) and research has shown that it is as much a part of skin aging as fine lines and wrinkles.

These spots generally appear in our early forties, and unlike freckles, which tend to be genetic and fade in the winter, they are visible all year long and become more evident as time passes.

They are generally the result of sun exposure, hormones, changes or usage of prescription drugs as well as wound healing when skin has been damaged.

One of the major issues with hyperpigmentation is how is causes the skin on the face, neck and hands to look uneven and mottled. Whilst there are no major medical implications the darkened skin can cause embarrassment but there are products out there that can help even out skin tone and create a healthier, more luminous complexion.

As well as a skin mapping session at our salon, Dermalogica also offers the PowerBright TRx range that has been specifically designed to brighten skin and even tone where hyperpigmentation is an issue.

After cleansing as usual, it is recommend that users apply the Dermalogica C-12 Pure Bright Serum directly to areas of uneven skin tone. This silky serum is created from a potent blend of Oligopeptides, Rice derived Phytic Acid, Zinc Glycinate and Algae that address pigmentation imbalance and offer excellent results.

Now, here’s the science. Oligopeptide-51 enhances skin brightening when combined with Oligopeptide-34 which reduces Tyrosinase activity and melanosome transfer to cells. The Zinc Glycinate helps stimulate the formation of an antioxidant protein that binds Copper, thereby inhibiting Tyrosinase. Palmaria Palmata (a red algae) and Ascophyllum Nodosum (brown algae) inhibit Tyrosinase activity and the transfer of melanosomes to keratinocytes, and stops the messenger that triggers melanin synthesis. Phytic Acid binds Copper to inactivate Tyrosinase and control melanin formation.


All in all this means that using this super-serum help to brighten the skin and minimise the discoloration you are experiencing which can only be a good thing.

After applying the serum in the morning, smooth a generous amount of Dermalogica Pure Light SPF50 onto your face and neck, avoiding the eye area, preferably 30 minutes prior to sun exposure. This is an advanced, medium-weight, daytime broad-spectrum moisturiser that treats hyperpigmentation as well as shielding the skin from pigment-inducing UV light.

As this product contains Safflower seeds there is increased SPF protection but fewer which makes it perfect for aging and sensitive skin. There is a powerful peptide in the cream that helps regulate melanin production and keeps those pesky spots at bay.

Even if hyperpigmentation isn’t an issue for you right now, it is still advised that you use a moisturiser with an SPF to protect you from the sun. Remember even when it is cloudy, those rays can still penetrate and damage your skin.

In the evening we recommended you use the serum again after cleansing and then use the Dermalogica Pure Night which on your face and neck. This totally nourishing night treatment cream hydrates the skin whilst helping to control the hyperpigmentation and maximise all of the PowerBright TRx properties and results.

Strelitzia Nicolai Seed Extract helps increase skin luminosity and decrease fine dehydration lines so a plus for anti-aging and Cranberry and Raspberry Seed Oils stop moisture loss and protect against environmental damage.

Vigna Aconitifolia Seed Extract (aka Moth Bean Seed Extract) helps fight signs of aging by strengthening dermal collagen and stimulating cell creation and Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, a form of Vitamin C, helps stimulate collagen synthesis while fighting pigmentation imbalance.

All of this happens whilst you are asleep so when you wake in the morning you know all that goodness has been working on your skin to make it clearer, healthier and less patchy.


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