Faking It – Top Tips for a Flawless Fake Tan

fake tanEven the most dedicated sun worshippers know that the most sensible way to get a tan is from a bottle, but there’s nothing more mortifying than LOOKING like you’ve faked it. Dark elbows and knees, streaks and poorly blended hair-lines are just a few of the fake tan faux-pas that every home tanning experts knows to avoid, so we thought we’d put together some tips on how to achieve a flawless glow, without anyone ever know that it came from a bottle.


There is no greater nemesis to fake tan than dry skin. Fake tan will clump and cling to dehydrated skin, causing concentrated areas of the product you’re using which will look darker than everywhere else. Once you’ve shaved or waxed, give yourself an all-over scrub using Decleor Exfoliating Body Cream. Concentrate on elbows, knees and feet, plus anywhere else that you’re prone to dryness, ensuring your skin is soft and supple before you tan.


After every exfoliation should come a good moisturiser. Removing layers of dead skin is good for the overall appearance of your skin, but you don’t want that lovely new layer to end up dry and dehydrated right away. Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream is a good, all-over moisturising cream which will replenish your skin with the vital essential oils and humectants that it needs to heal and hydrate, leaving your skin ready for your tanning lotion.


Fake tan can be tricky to apply, so masking areas which you don’t want turning orange is a good defence against dodgy applications. Rub a layer of petroleum jelly around your cuticles, hairline and even the bottoms of your feet to ensure you don’t get staining in areas you don’t want. Patchy coverage is a dead giveaway and can be hard to rectify once it’s taken hold.

Choose wisely!

Opting for a self-tanning lotion which builds gradually over time is a much safer option as it gives you greater control over the level of tone that you want to develop. Decleor’s Self-Tanning Milk can be applied daily and will moisturise the skin, build a gradual, natural glow as well as prepping the skin for sun exposure, which is perfect if you’re using it prior to going away.

Get help

It’s really easy to miss bits when you’re applying a fake tan and, without wishing to sound to cruel, huge areas of whiteness can look pretty ridiculous if the rest of you is tanned! If you have a friend or partner on hand to help, let them get involved as it’s often easier to get all-over coverage with an extra set of hands.

Give it time

Post-tanning nudity may be a little inconvenient, but it really is essential that you leave your clothes off for a little while to avoid transfer onto clothes and also even coverage. It won’t take long for the lotion to soak in, but a little bt of patience can make all the difference.

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