Combatting Common Skin Complaints

dry skinSome of the most common skin complaints can often seem like the toughest to handle, and every skincare company claims to be the one and only which has the cure. Here at Pure Beauty Online, we don’t like to deal in absolutes and know that different things work for different people. We do, however, have a great deal of faith in the products we sell and think that, if you’re suffering from one of the following, giving our suggestions a trial could be of great benefit to you. Here’s what we recommend:

Oily T-Zone

An oily T-zone can be really tricky to manage as it’s so often combined with dry skin in other areas. You need to combat the slick without drying out the rest of the face, so a double-handed attack is what’s needed. The Decleor Clay and Herbal Cleansing Mask is gentle enough to prevent the skin from drying out, whilst possessing a natural absorbing property which rids the skin of excess oil. Follow this with their Fresh Matifying Lotion, which balances combination skin and absorbs any excess sebum.


If you suffer with Rosacea, you’ll know that the redness is just one part of the problem, and often the skin can feel itchy and tight across the face. Dermalogica offers a whole system which can help to combat the effects of Rosacea, but their UltraCalming Redness Relief Primer offers redness reduction with an SPF20, while the UltraCalming Mist relieves inflammation and discomfort and protects against further damage or lipid barrier breakdown.


Dryness can be one of the hardest issues to combat, without causing over-hydration, giving the skin an oily appearance or even causing breakouts. Dermalogica’s Dynamic Skin Recovery helps to achieve ultimate hydration and combats both the internal and external signs of premature ageing. The formula fights free-radicals, offers SPF50 and blends smoothly to create a flawless finish.

Dull tone

Having dull, tired looking skin is one of the easiest ways to stop you from looking your best, but the right products can both cover up and work behind the scenes to combat the issues. Dermalogica Sheer Tint is a lightly-tinted moisturiser which brightens the face and Decleor’s Double Radiance Cream activates micro-circulation and reflects light for added radiance.

Spots and Blackheads

Spot and blackhead prone skin isn’t only in the realm of the teenager; even adult skin can break out and dealing with it can be a real blow to your confidence. Dermalogica has a whole system of skincare for skin which is susceptible to spots, called the MediBac Clearing System, offering a range of products which deal with cleansing, calming and covering even the most severe of breakouts.

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