Skin care doesn’t have to take forever

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Whatever you’ve been doing throughout the day the last thing you want to do before you go to bed is spend ages on a detailed skin care regimen. Not keeping up with a regular skin care regime though means that your skin is likely to become dull as your pores become clogged and congested because of the build-up of daily grime.

Cleansing is the only way to provide your skin with the deep clean that it really needs because even if you don’t feel like you’ve done a lot throughout the day your skin will have been fighting a whole host of environmental threats that will harm its condition.

There’s no need for cleansing to be an inconvenience though because although you might feel like you need to spend ages cleaning your skin in order to remove all of the grime that’s built up through the day, you really don’t. In fact speedy cleansing can be just as effective because many cleansers can be absorbed quickly and still provide a deep clean.

Dermalogica has a huge range of cleansers that fall into this category as they work deeply into the pores instantly and therefore don’t require multiple applications or to be left on for long periods of time.

Dermalogica cleansers show that a quick skin care regime can be just as good as a lengthy one.

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