Regular exfoliating is essential throughout the year

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The summer weather has now gone and  as winter gets closer and your natural summer glow starts to fade it’s important not to let the condition of your skin deteriorate.

It’s much easier to prevent skin from looking dull than it is to condition dull skin back to brightness which is why it’s important to keep up with your summer skin care regimen throughout the year.

Regular exfoliation is the only way to maintain a bright skin tone and not exfoliating will lead to dead skin cells remaining on the surface of your skin leaving your skin tone looking dull. However, although it’s essential to exfoliate remember not to do it too often as this can irritate your skin and cause it to become red and sore.

Dermalogica  and Decloer both have a fantastic range of exfoliants which work well as part of a regular skin care regime including cleansing, toning and moisturising. There are a variety of products available for all skin types which means that there’s something for everyone. Using an exfoliator regularly will mean that your skin will remain bright and beautiful throughout the year rather than deteriorating through the winter.

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