The rise of male grooming


In the past, grooming and taking pride in one’s appearance would be one thing that no man would ever admit to doing as it was almost frowned upon by society and considered important only for females. However, times have changed and in the US men now make up around 30% of beauty spa visitors. In the UK, it has been predicted that the male toiletries market will increase from its 2012 value of £605m to just over £670m by 2017. This growth of the market can largely be put down to a huge change in attitude towards male grooming over the last few years.

Modern society has coined words like ‘metrosexual’ to describe the modern man who tries to make the best of himself and isn’t afraid to admit to following a beauty regime. Although the majority of men stick to beauty products like cleansers and moisturisers, the male beauty market is expanding and male products are soon to become a common sight on the make-up aisles of supermarkets and pharmacies. One store that’s ready for the hype is Selfridges where they already have a range of male make-up from top designer Tom Ford on their shelves. That said, it might take a while for men’s make-up to start flying off the shelves – as many people’s attitudes towards the concept remain pretty hostile, deeming it only to be appropriate in the movies.

Despite the majority of males lacking support for the use of male make-up , it’s clear that other beauty products will only grow in popularity over the next few years, so, in order to make sure you’ve got the best looking skin around, it’s essential to follow a proper skincare regime using only the best products for your skin.

Every man’s skincare regime should start in exactly the same way as a female regime, with a good quality cleanser.


Cleansers work their way deeply into the pores in order to remove any debris from beneath the skin’s surface, as well as residue and oils from the visible surface of the skin. Once you’ve used a cleanser your skin has experienced a deep clean and is ready for the next stage of your skincare routine.


Using a toner will help to remove any residue that was missed by your cleanser as well as restoring the pH balance of your skin. The fact that cleansers work deeply in order to remove oils and debris that could irritate your skin and cause spots means that essential oils and moisture can also be lost at the same time. This means that it needs to be restored as soon as possible in order to stop your skin from drying out. A toner will not only remove any remaining residue, it’ll also restore your skin’s moisture levels in order to ensure it remains in tip top condition.


Shaving, for many men, is something that they wish they could avoid because it causes irritation and pain and leaves their skin feeling exceptionally uncomfortable. Although a lot of men suffer with irritation it’s something that can be avoided by altering the shaving technique and using the correct products for your skin. There are hundreds of shaving products out there and it’s not always easy to find one that suits your skin. However, the Shave System from Dermalogica is a huge favourite for men with all types of skin because of the variety of products available and the reviews that these products gain:

“Review of Dermalogica Daily Defence Block SPF15 (100ml) ‘Hi Had this product for 2 days and the difference to my skin after shaving is tremendous, great product’


Exfoliating is an exceptionally important part of all skin care regimes, although it should only be done a couple of times each week – unless you find an exfoliator that’s suitable for everyday use. As men’s skin is much thicker than women’s, it needs even more of a helping hand when it comes to the removal of dead skin cells. Exfoliating is the only way to remove the build-up of dead skin cells and if they’re not removed then they can work their way into your pores causing blockages, infection and spots. After removing the dead skin cells and other debris from your skin, an exfoliator will reveal the bright, youthful skin beneath.

Extra treatments

Although nowadays the majority of skincare products that people use are packed full of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that your skin needs, sometimes you might find that you need a little more. Treatment products like Dermalogica’s Boosters can be applied as a concentrated treatment on their own, or they can be combined with your cleanser or moisturiser to provide a more powerful treatment than your skin would otherwise receive. There are extra treatments available for a number of purposes such as reducing the signs of aging, acne or hyperpigmentation; protecting your skin against the sun; or just for giving it an extra boost when it comes to necessary vitamins and minerals.


A good moisturiser is essential in maintaining the skin’s health. Keeping the skin well hydrated will ensure that it remains strong and supple as well as looking bright and healthy. As well as rehydrating tired out, dry skin, moisturisers that are used regularly also help to keep the skin looking youthful ad bright by plumping it up and reducing signs of aging.

When choosing a moisturiser it’s really important to make sure you choose one that’s suitable for your skin type, otherwise it could actually do more harm than good. Don’t make the mistake of not moisturising if you have oily skin – just source a moisturiser that is oil-free instead.


Although when it’s minus five in the middle of winter you might not think that sun protection is necessary, UV rays are just as dangerous at this time of the year as they are in the summer. Although the sun doesn’t necessarily show itself as much during the winter as it does in the summer, it’s there. This means that you should apply sunscreen every day in order to prevent excessive exposure and to reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation and even skin cancer.

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