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As you’ve probably noticed, we haven’t uploaded anything onto our blog – other than our must-have offers – for some time now. Now, this isn’t because we’ve run out of advice or there aren’t any new products to inform you about, it’s because we’ve been spending a lot of time improving the blog so that your experience is even better.

As you can see, the blog now has a completely new look and we’ve finally decided that quality should take precedence over quantity. This means that rather than the short and snappy posts that you’ve been used to we’ll be uploading one, much longer, more detailed piece each week instead. These blog posts will be full of the latest expert advice as well as covering new product releases and providing information about skincare and make-up items that you shouldn’t be without.

Just as a taster of things to come over the next few weeks, here are some of the titles you can expect to see:

“Skincare 101” – A feature length article detailing the absolute basics of skincare. We’ll cover everything from different skin types to the perfect products for your skin as well as providing a complete skincare regime that will help you achieve flawless skin.

“Top Ten: Ways To Achieve Luscious Hair” – Top fives and top tens will feature regularly on the blog and provide you with vital information on how to keep your skin, hair and make-up looking great.

“The Rise of Male Grooming” – It’s not just women who strive for perfect skin, male grooming doesn’t have the same stigma as it used to and in order to be successful nowadays it’s really important to look good. This article will look into how attitudes towards male grooming have changed and will provide a regime to follow in the search of perfect skin.

“The Best Ways To Look After Your Skin This Winter” – The must-know secrets of maintaining perfectly healthy skin throughout the winter despite environmental hazards.

“Top Ten: Cosmetic Products You’ll Want to Find In Your Stocking This Christmas” – Just in time for Christmas, there’ll be a post about the best products of the moment which will not only make great gifts for others but which could also serve as stocking fillers for you.

“All Eyes on You” – We’ve covered the eyes in many posts before because it’s really important to look after the eye area if you want to look good. This post will detail how to keep your eyes looking dazzling through the party season.

“Xmas Recovery Essentials: What You Need To Keep Your Skin/Hair From Showing The Effects Of Xmas Party Excess” – Over the Christmas period it’s inevitable that the late nights and parties will take their toll on your skin which means that as soon as the party season is over you’ll be in need of some emergency skin treatment to get your skin back to its best.

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