Travel sized minis are the only way to give your skin exactly what it needs

Dermalogica Travel Sized Products available from Pure Beauty OnlineThe school holidays are a popular time for families and friends to leave the country in search of warmer climates, parties and culture. When you’re on holiday though your lifestyle completely changes as nothing is off limits because you don’t have anything to worry about – other than having fun obviously.

However, the holiday lifestyle which often includes too much alcohol, smoking, late nights and sun exposure can cause some serious trouble for your skin. When you’re away it’s essential to keep up with some elements of your usual daily routine such as your skin care regimen so that your skin benefits from proper treatment to help it fight against the holiday sins.

Too much alcohol, sun exposure and lack of sleep can leave your skin looking tired, dull and dehydrated and this is something that it’s essential to avoid if you don’t want to have to spend weeks getting your skin back into good condition on your return.

When people go on holiday a lot of them avoid taking their regular skin care products because of the extra weight in the case and instead opt for one or two cheaper products in smaller bottles which they can leave behind on the return home. Although it’s easy to see why you might consider this the most sensible option it is in fact the worst thing to do. Rather than substituting your usual skin care products for cheaper alternatives that your skin isn’t used to why not just buy travel sized minis of your favourites?

Dermalogica offers a whole range of travel sized products which means that no matter what you put your body through when you’re away your skin will continue to glow.

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