Top tips for healthy skin 3

Dermalogica Cleansers available from Pure Beauty OnlineThird on the list of tips to keep your skin healthy is treating it carefully. Your daily washing and shaving routine can really take its toll on your skin, especially if you’re using the wrong products.

Baths and showers are surprisingly bad for your skin, especially if you’re a lover of hot water. The hot water that you enjoy so much actually strips your skin of essential oils so try shortening your shower or at least reducing the temperature of the water slightly.

You should also avoid strong soaps as these also strip your skin of oil, rather than using a soap to wash your face in the morning consider a cleanser which will provide your skin with a deep clean by clearing the pores of congestion that’s made up of dead skin cells, sebum and general grime. Dermalogica has a great range of cleansers for all skin types however if that’s not really your thing then you might want to try their Clean Bar which works in the same ways as soap but is actually soap free.

Finally, it’s essential to moisturise your skin every morning and evening and it’s a good idea to choose one with an SPF rating so that you don’t have to think about applying a sun cream as well. Dermalogica have a wonderful range of moisturisers with products up to SPF30.

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