The one thing you should never do if you want clear and healthy skin

Dermalogica Travel Sized Products available from Pure Beauty OnlineThere are certain things that you know will put your health in jeopardy and you would therefore never do them however, when it comes to your skin are you aware of the serious sins that could actually be doing much more harm than you think?

The majority of females can’t stand to be seen out of the house without their make-up on but there’s probably been a time in everyone’s life when they’ve unexpectedly ended up staying over at a friend’s house and had no make-up or skin care supplies with them for the next day. The best option in this case is to leave your skin bare until you return home and can use your own products however, the majority of people make the huge mistake of using other people’s products just because they don’t want to risk being seen without any make-up.

Using other people’s make-up powders, foundations, mascaras and lip treatments can spread all kinds of bacteria and infections including yeast and fungal infections.

Dermalogica’s treatments use only the best ingredients in order to ensure that they don’t cause problems for people’s skin however, you should never use other people’s products – even if they are from Dermalogica – because it’s really easy to develop an infection.

In order to avoid being caught short and feeling that you have to resort to using other people’s products keep a few of Dermalogica’s Travel Sized Products in your car or hand bag so that you know you’ll always have a good quality alternative handy.

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