Make sure you use a quality foundation if you want all over coverage

Dermalogica Cover Tints available from Pure Beauty OnlineMost women won’t be seen out of their front door without foundation caked all over their faces because it gives the matte look of perfection. However, if you’re one of these women then you’ll probably be unaware of the damage that foundation actually causes to your skin.

Here are so many products out there that purely aim to cover up a pasty, tired looking complexion with no regard for the skin whatsoever. There are so many moisturisers out there that it really is difficult to make an educated choice when it comes to choosing one that’s not going to harm your skin because in amongst the hundreds that are out there, there are only actually a few that are any good for your skin.

Foundations that don’t give your skin the respect it deserves lead to congested pores, blemishes, oily breakouts and even spots meaning that you’ll be forced to try and cover up even more.

If you choose Dermalogica’s Cover Tint then you’ve got no reason to worry when it comes to applying your make-up because it’s really kind to your skin as well. This product is available in three shades and contains light diffusing agents which help to balance your skin tone leaving you with full but natural looking coverage.

Don’t let the cheap, poor quality foundations harm your skin. Instead choose a quality product and give your skin the treatment it deserves.

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