Top tips for healthy skin 2

Dermalogica Age Smart System available from Pure Beauty OnlineFollowing on from the last article this blog will give you even more tips on how to keep your skin looking healthy at all ages.

Bad Habits

Bad habits such as smoking and drinking too much alcohol can have some real negative effects on your skin. Smoking causes the blood vessels in the skin to narrow which decreases the blood flow and consequently prevents the skin from getting the oxygen and other nutrients that it really needs. If you do smoke then the best way to look after and protect your skin is to quit however, this isn’t as easy as it sounds and it does take time so in the meantime it’s a good idea to stick to a rigid skin care regime including a whole host of anti-aging products that will also provide your skin with all of the nutrients that it’s lacking.

Dermalogica has a whole range devoted to anti-aging called the AGE Smart System which is devoted to turning back the clock. Their Age Reversal Eye Complex is great for bringing your eyes back to life, it will reduce the signs of wrinkles around your eyes as well as reducing puffiness and the appearance of dark circles.

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