Recap on summer skin safety

Dermalogica Solar Defence System available from Pure Beauty OnlineAs the summer of 2013 has finally provided us with the sun we were craving it’s essential to remember the summer skin protection tips that inevitably seem irrelevant when they’re initially presented to you. As they’ve probably been stored away somewhere at the back of your mind – that’s if they haven’t been forgotten altogether in the excitement of getting out into to the sun – it’s a good idea to recap on them to make sure you keep your skin safe.

Dermalogica has a great range of sun protection including after sun which is intended specifically for skin that’s been out in the sun and boosters that can be added to your everyday moisturiser for great all round protection.

Whether you’d prefer their Solar Defence Booster which can be used alone or added to your everyday moisturiser or you’d rather a moisturiser with the sun protection included such as their Dynamic Skin Recovery with SPF 30 is completely up to you as they’re both brilliant products that will work to protect your skin from the sun throughout the year.

After being out in the sun though it’s essential to remember that your skin will have been through a lot an it’s essential to maintain the care throughout the evening so try Dermalogica’s After Sun Repair which will cool and sooth sun irritated skin.

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