Protecting your skin throughout the summer

Dermalogica Solar Defence System available from Pure Beauty OnlineIt’s not only the winter weather that you need to protect your skin from because the summer sun can be just as dangerous as the ever changing winter climate that we experience in the UK. When heading out this summer it’s essential to consider the damage that the sun can do to your skin and try to protect it accordingly.
Although the vitamin D that you absorb when the sun’s out is essential for your health sunscreen is also important as even the shortest of trips outside in the sun can seriously damage your skin.

In order to protect your skin you should always wear sunscreen with at least an SPF 30 rating everyday even if you’re not intending on sitting out in it for very long. Dermalogica has an entire range dedicated to sun protection which and many of their products can be added to other products that you already use every day so that you don’t have the inconvenience of having to adapt your skin care regime in any way.

If you’re only subjecting your skin to the damaging sun because you want a summer-long glowing tan then on this occasion your skin will definitely thank you for faking and choosing a spray tan or a self application one instead.

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