Take advantage of Dermalogica Skin Kits when travelling this summer

Dermalogica Skin Kits available from Pure Beauty OnlineIt’s during the summer months when people emerge from hibernation and begin to attempt some kind of social life again. The winter really does take its toll on people’s social lives but when the beginning of summer indicates parties, holidays and festivals which signifies a few months of chaos for our skin.

The late nights and endless travelling to exotic destinations coupled with the huge list and airport restrictions and trying to pack light for a festival means that the majority of people ditch their skin care regimen until they return. Ditching your skin care regime, even if it’s just for a festival weekend, could actually turn out to be the worst decision of your summer as your skin will struggle to return to shape after a weekend of heavy drinking, late nights and sunshine.

In order to avoid coming home from your hols with unwanted breakouts and blemishes consider taking one of Dermalogica’s Skin Kits with you. Their Skin Kits include a number of products and provide you with a month long skin care regimen for a great, low price. All of the products in the kits also adhere to airport regulations meaning that you’re safe to take them on your jollies too.

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