Don’t let stress affect your skin

Dermalogica Stress Relief Treatment Oil available from Pure Beauty OnlineDaily life nowadays is pretty stressful for most people as almost everyone’s lives revolve around work. People’s working lives today don’t involve the typical 9-5 hours that used to be so popular; nowadays people can’t get away from long hours – some don’t even have the time to go home and find a quiet place to bunk in the office for a few hours before the start of the next day.

As you can probably guess, work causes your blood pressure and your stress levels to rise; pile that on top of your family and relationship commitments that already exist and you’ll be struggling to find any time to do anything at all. It is this kind of stress that causes your skin to give and spots to develop.

Although you might not think you have the time to think about relaxing it’s the only way that you’ll be able to combat your problematic skin so a night in front of the TV or a mini pamper session with friends is definitely in order. Another great relaxation trick is to shut yourself away from the outside world and run a deep, hot bath to relax in. You might also want to add a few drops of Dermalogica Stress Relief Treatment Oil for the ultimate spa experience at home. Relaxation and de-stressing is the only thing that will help your skin so in order to keep spots at bay it’s essential to take some me-time every now and again and forget all of your worries.

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