Dermalogica products included on American Airlines new plane

Pure Beauty OnlineAmerican Airlines know just how great Dermalogica’s products really are because they’ve included them in the first class amenity kit on their new Boeing 777-300ER planes.

The products in the kits remain unnamed but these kits are only available to first class passengers showing just how great they really are.

As you know Dermalogica products are popular with A-list stars and the general public alike because they’re great quality products available at amazing prices.

If you think the prices of Dermalogica are good usually then you clearly haven’t visited Pure Beauty Online because they shed £’s of the RRP prices of every product and have regular offers too where the products are offered at an even cheaper prices.

Pure Beauty Online are an authorised Dermalogica Supplier who want to pass the great prices that they receive on to you so they offer amazing prices that you won’t find anywhere else.

If you’ve never tried Dermalogica before and your skin’s in need of some TLC then you should seriously consider giving it a go. For first time users try one of their Skin Kits – there’s one for each skin type – which contain a variety of Dermalogica products, both full sized and minis for an amazing price. When you order your skin kit you’ll also be able to order a number of free samples so that you can try more Dermalogica products too.

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