The many things that a moisturiser does to your skin

Dermalogica Moisturisers available from Pure Beauty OnlineThe environment attacks our skin every day and although it has a natural protective barrier this is compromised by the aggression that is unleashed on it every day. The fact that the natural protective barrier is compromised means that the skin is left vulnerable and open to attacks of dryness and irritation.

Moisturiser does a number of great things to the skin that prevents dryness and helps to restore and maintain moisture levels.

An effective moisturiser will:

  • Make skin look and feel healthier as they trap water in cells meaning that your skin is hydrated and looks smoother and plumper on the outside.
  • Moisturisers also help to rebuild the moisture layer on the surface of the skin that is lost due to environmental damage. The added protection will prevent loss of moisture meaning that your skin won’t become dry or irritated.
  • Dehydrated skin looks dull and tired, moisturised and nourished skin looks a lot smoother.
  • Moisturiser – although making your skin appear smoother – actually reduces tightness and irritation meaning that you’re much more comfortable and your skin will feel much more soft and supple.
  • Finally, many moisturisers are available with SPF ratings which will protect your skin from the sun. The UV rays that the sun gives off will prematurely age your skin and significantly reduce its condition so you can get the best of both worlds with a moisturiser with sun protection.

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