Help your skin recuperate after a festival weekend

Dermalogica Skincare Products available from Pure Beauty OnlineIt’s the start of spring and the festival season is on its way and after spending a weekend on a campsite covered in mud and protecting yourself from the elements your skin will need a period of recuperation to get back to normal.

The combination of limited places to wash, the weather, not enough sleep and probably too much alcohol will have taken its toll on your skin and it will, without a doubt be beginning to look dull and strained by the time you make it home.

If you were one of the sensible ones who decided to take Dermalogica’s Travel Sized products with you, you remembered to remove your make-up each night and made sure you weren’t covered in mud then you’ll have minimised the amount of stress that you put your skin through. However, whether or not you remembered your skin care mini’s once you’ve got home and showered do your skin a favour and treat it to an indulgent day of some of your favourite Dermalogica treatments.

The first thing to do is to make sure you cleanse – although double cleansing is a better habit to get into – and use Dermalogica Precleanse to loosen dead skin cells, oil and general debris and then follow with your usual cleanser in order to completely remove the dirt and unblock the pores.

An effective follow up to your cleansing routine in order to minimise post festival spots would be a Dermalogica Treatment Masque. Dermalogica’s Masques will help to restore your skin’s moisture levels, unblock congested pores and reduce any signs of skin dehydration.

Finally, remember to moisturise – Dermalogica’s Active Moist is a best seller for a reason.

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