Let Dermalogica help get rid of puffy eyes

Dermalogica Total Eye Care SPF15 available from Pure Beauty OnlineThese dark days and long nights are really starting to take their toll on a lot of people as busy life styles and lack of sleep catch up with them. Almost everyone has suffered from puffy eyes at some point and no amount of concealer can hide them.

When they appear it’s really annoying as you can almost guarantee it’s on the day of a big meeting with your boss or an interview for a new job; causes of puffy eyes can vary between lack of sleep, diet, too much alcohol or even fluid retention. Whatever the cause you can get rid of them and walk around without your sunglasses in the middle of winter.

The obvious ways to reduce puffiness would be to sleep more and drink less but the puffiness may take a while to reduce so it’s much quicker and easier to try a cold compress, and drinking a lot of water as this will definitely reduce the appearance of puffy eyes.

If you want something with even quicker results then Dermalogica Total Eye Care is definitely the answer. It reduces puffiness, which is what you want, but it also protects and repairs the delicate skin around the eyes to keep puffiness at bay.

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