Keep your confidence on a night out, with Dermalogica

Dermalogica Skincare Products available from Pure Beauty OnlineA night out with the girls is a rare occurrence that every woman looks forward to but the excitement is soon dashed when you see your reflection in the mirror and realise your make-up looks nothing like it did when you left the house.

The make-up melt down is a horrible reality that a lot of women have to deal with on a night out and suddenly a night of fun turns into checking the mirror every couple of minutes as your confidence is dashed.

There’s really no need to worry though and sliding make-up doesn’t mean that you have to avoid going out with your friends – it happens to everyone and it’s really easy to avoid. In order to prevent the dreaded make=-up slide from ruining your fun night out there are a few things you should always bear in mind:

  • You should never put your make-up on as soon as you’ve come out of the bath or shower. Before a night out your routine is almost certainly going to involve a shower, hair drying, straightening or curling and make-up application – probably in that order too. You need to let your skin settle after the heat of a bath or shower and even your hair dryer otherwise your make-up could start to melt before you even leave the house.
  • Cleansing, toning and moisturising is essential as it will provide a sturdy base for your make-up to stick to. If you want to stop your skin from feeling heavy then choose a moisturiser like Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion which is not only light weight but it will also stop any shine.
  • You should try to avoid a lot of foundation as it will make your skin oily and shiny much more quickly – especially in warm bars and clubs. If you do feel that your skin is feeling heavy and starting to shine, blotting papers are a great way to eliminate the problem quickly. If you like the feeling of freshly washed skin though carry round some of Dermalogica’s Skin Purifying Wipes to wipes away excess surface oil and leave your skin looking and feeling fresh.

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