Only use the best concealers

Dermalogica Concealing Spot Treatment available from Pure Beauty OnlineEveryone has a problem with spots at some point in their lives but for people that get them on a regular basis, the problem is huge. Spots are unsightly, pretty much everyone will agree with that and rather than treating them and then leaving them to disappear on their own a lot of people prefer to use a concealer.

Some concealers are great as they will cover your spot and not be too bad for the skin; you should steer clear of the old fashioned lip stick type concealer though as they are really bad for your skin and far from discreet.

There is one product you can use though where you can have beautifully clear skin and still cover up any spots. Dermalogica’s Concealing Spot Treatment matches your natural skin tone – so it won’t draw attention to the fact that you’re trying to hide a pimple – and it’s also great for your skin. By using the Concealing Spot Treatment you’ll see a difference quickly so you won’t have to wear it for days as you wait for the spot to reduce in size. It also acts as a decongestant in your pores and removes any dirt that may have become trapped – preventing any future out breaks.

This concealer is the cleverest you’ll find and it won’t break the bank either!

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