Dermalogica skincare for teens

Dermalogica Clean Start available from Pure Beauty OnlineThere’s no reason to feel like your spots are getting the better of you; there are so many products on the market that combat spots, pimples and acne that they have become much easier to hide and disguise.

However, if you feel like you’ve tried everything out there, there might be a whole new range waiting for you to discover it.

The Dermalogica Clean Start System has been introduced especially for teenagers and young adults suffering with acne and spots. There are eight great products available including washes, night time treatments, scrubs, sprays and even a direct spot treatment. If you want to try a few products in the range before you buy the bigger products the Clean Start Starter Kit is a great place to begin.

The kit includes Dermalogica Wash Off (50ml), Dermalogica All Over Clear (50ml), Dermalogica Ready Set Scrub (15ml), Dermalogica Bedtime For Breakouts (15ml) and Dermalogica Welcome Matte SPF15 (15ml) which is the majority of the products in the range, all for under £20. One of the products from the system that’s missing from the set is Dermalogica’s Hit The Spot which comes in a convenient stick form that can easily fit into a bag, pocket or purse so you can use it whenever you feel a spot appear. You literally dab the product onto the area the spot has appeared and it will treat and dry the spot so that it doesn’t get any bigger or cause breakouts – definitely a product not to be without.

There’s no need to let your life be controlled by your skin; use products from the Clean Start skin system and you’ll have clear, happy skin in no time.

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