Covering up in January

Dermalogica Treatment Foundations available from Pure Beauty OnlineAfter all of the late nights, parties and over indulgence that you’ve put your body through over the Christmas period the likelihood is that your skin is not going to be in the best condition. If this is the case then you’ll probably be troweling on the foundation to try and hide your Christmas skin sins. If this is the route that you choose to take then at least treat your skin with a bit of kindness and use a Dermalogica Treatment Foundation.

The Dermalogica Treatment Foundations come in a variety of eight, natural colours that adapt perfectly to your skin tone thanks to non-sensitising pigments that produce a natural, true colour; the skin is also protected from moisture loss thanks to antioxidants, vitamins and natural humectants. These foundations will give you the great matte coverage that you need and will treat your skin properly at the same time.

If you want to treat your skin with the products that it deserves then why not try the Dermalogica range? Dermalogica has some fantastic products that will help get your skin back to its best while still allowing you to wear the make up you love – don’t forget to take it off at night though with some Dermalogica soothing Eye Make Up Remover.

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