The perfect beauty treatments for your skin and you

Dermalogica Skincare Products available from Pure Beauty OnlineMost people love a trip to a health spa, the relaxing music, soft robes and amazing hands of a masseuse or therapist make the experience that little bit better, but what is a facial and what does it really do for your skin?

Facials involve a little of every spa experience, they involve massage of the hands, feet and face; treatment of the hands, feet and face and also extraction. Extraction may sound a little painful but it is actually extremely relieving and the best part of the facial.

The technician will either use their fingers, cotton buds or small metal instruments to gently ease excess sebum and dirt from your pores. This not only unclogs the pores, hopefully preventing breakouts, but it also helps to reduce the size of your pores so that it’s harder for dirt to find its way back in.

Facials are a great accompaniment to your daily home skin regimen and will top up your treatment sand make you look and feel great. If you like the idea of your favourite products being in your spa treatments then why not try one of the Dermalogica treatments offered at the Pure Beauty Salon in Lichfield? You definitely won’t be disappointed.

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