Dermalogica’s not just for girls

Dermalogica Shave System Kit available from Pure Beauty OnlineYour man’s beauty regime is probably not as spot on as yours; he probably doesn’t understand why you have to moisturise and cleanse or why you need a different cream at night to the one that you use in the day.

However, it’s guaranteed that there’s been a time or two when you’ve walked in to catch him sneaking a bit of your moisturiser or night cream and if this is the case then it’s time to get him a few products of his own. He’s unlikely to willingly go out and spend a fortune on an array of beauty products – mainly because of embarrassment – but while you’re treating your friends to some of the great Dermalogica gift sets this Christmas, why don’t you treat him too?

Even if your man is a soap and water kind of fellow Dermalogica’s got the perfect thing for you. Dermalogica’s Clean Bar is a great soap-free bar alternative to a general bar of soap, however, it uses liquorice to soothe the skin and it’s quick, so perfect for the busy man.

If you think he requires a whole new routine then why don’t you treat him to the Dermalogica Shave Skin Kit? This will provide him with a whole pre and post shave routine that will leave his skin, cleansed, moisturised and looking great.

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